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Building A Team

Wurm is a huge game.

You need carpentry, and cooking and smithing as a bare minimum at the start. Later you need even more skills.

Working in a group makes a huge difference. Other players can help you do almost everything faster and can help you do things you cant achieve alone just because you dont have the time to learn the skill.


Village owners can be very fussy.

Dont get me wrong, there are many village Mayors that are happy to welcome anyone that wants to join. But there are also many mayors that dont want the frustration of one person after another joining and then leaving without warning.

If you can get into a village that is accepting people then try not to let them down by just disappearing. If you have to leave the game then at least be polite and let them know.

Most recruiting villages dont care about specific skill levels, they just want people who will stick around and are happy to fit in, do their own thing and enjoy the game.


As a new player, the best thing you have going for you is the chance to work with someone else - and there are other new players starting the game every day.

Ask in Local chat (especially near the Howl) if anyone wants to join up with you. Dont be shy of joining up with someone else if they are asking for someone to work with them.

It is a reality in Wurm that 2 players can achieve 4 times as much in the same amount of time, 3 players can achieve 9 times as much. And so on.

With just one other person to work with, you will get that first building up in half the time. One person can smith while the other makes planks, etc. It is possible to be a Jack of all trades but it takes a huge amount of extra time. Get help if you can.

That said, be wary of the player that really just wants to swan around admiring the landscape and letting you do all the work. To try to avoid that, get three or four people to work with you rather than just one. That way if someone does not pull their weight you wont care so much because the others do.

Basic Organisation

Even if your team does not have or intend to buy a deed, elect a mayor or leader who is likely to stick around. Pick someone who cares about people and will pass on any writs if they think they wont be online for a while.

Always make a building for everyone to share before making any private houses. That way everyone has a home base at the same time. Build that house with at least 2 tiles of growing space around it. You can then expand to 2x2 and then 3x3 and have a central storage area.

Plan out what you are going to do in your space as a team and make sure everyone has the general idea. You dont need a detailed map of what you want to build, though its nice to have one if someone wants to make one.

Make sure everyone sticks to the general plan. One person deciding to change what you all agreed on can waste hours of time.

Help each other make their own house. Usually its best to help by making planks and nails and letting them do as much as possible of the actual building themselves. That way everyone gets some good carpentry skill (always useful to have more than one person with basic carpentry skill).

When there is an important joint goal to achieve, everyone should pitch in and help. Initial QL is not usually vital for goals shared by a group of players when it is something they need as a group.

Skilled Team Members

This is a bit arbitrary but it is what I have found works okay ..

  • Cook/Farmer/Fisher: This person is vital. Good food makes a huge difference. At the same time, this does not always take a lot of time, so this person often does something else as well.
  • Hunter/Weaponsmith: This person will be your primary killer of dangerous beasts (though its also great if more than one of you can fight). Hunters will provide additional food and probably make the bows and other weapons that you use. Hunting is time consuming but this is still mostly a part time job.
  • Combining the above two roles makes one person your food provider, butcher and cloth/leather tailor. Making handheld weapons or bows could be passed on to the Blacksmith or Carpenter if necessary.
  • Blacksmith/Miner: A good Blacksmith saves loads of time and is an essential part of any group. One of you should focus on doing this by making most of the nails, anvils and metal tools. Better tools equals faster progress in all areas of Wurm.
  • Carpenter: This person will focus on more difficult Carpentry and Fine Carpentry. They will imp spindles, mallets and fishing rods, make beds, small barrels and large barrels and may also end up being be your Cloth Tailor. Carpentry skillgain, just by creating things, is pretty high so this team member can often do another skill. The Carpenter will usually also end up being the Mason who makes walls, forges, ovens and stone buildings.

Dont push any team member into following just one skill. It can get boring. If you need nails and the Blacksmith (or whoever) wants to go hunting then let them go have some fun and you make your own nails.

Dont box anyone into being any of the above. It should always be a matter of choice who does what as long as they are willing to pitch in and help the team. Some people will really just want to learn a bit of everything. Thats great if they will do a bit of everything for all of you. Sometimes you all want to do a bit of everything. That works fine as long as you help each other.