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Main / Skills / Climbing


Climbing is the skill of climbing slopes that are too steep for you to walk across normally (those with over 23 slope). Climbing is turned on and off with the button at the bottom of the event/friends/skills window. Beware: some slopes are very steep, and once you have low stamina you will stop climbing -- possibly falling to your death. Climbing consumes much more stamina than walking.

Your climbing skill will increase the more you climb, but body stamina affects how far you can climb more than climbing skill does.

Fence Ladders

If you cannot make it up the hill you are trying to climb before your stamina runs out, try looking for resting spots along the way. These might include walls and fences, trees, or flatter patches of hillside -- basically anywhere that you could turn your climbing off and not plunge to your death. In some places (like Dragon's Fang Mountain on Freedom), players have created 'ladders' out of strategically-placed fences, to allow traversal of very steep slopes. They are spaced out at intervals that allow most uninjured players to climb to the next 'rung' of the ladder (fence section) before their stamina runs out.

Other Tips

  • If you are climbing uphill while dragging a cart, your stamina drops very fast. Try moving backwards up the hill so the cart moves up and stop dragging, then climb up and begin dragging again. This way you can make it up the slope and take your cart with you.
  • Sometimes, if you activate climbing before landing in a fall, you will take no damage. This does not always work, so use with caution.
  • If you don't have enough stamina to activate climbing while you're swimming to get out of the water, then you can activate Last Gasp.
  • When climbing down very steep slopes (while lightly geared) it is possible to get falling damage even when still climbing.




  • Mountaineer at 50 skill