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Fletching is the skill used in the creation and improving of arrows.


Fletching Skill Effect on Arrow Creation

At 93.13 Fletching skill, using 45.37 QL Cedar Arrow Shafts and 24.21 QL War arrow heads, chance of success is 95%.

At 0.00 Fletching (my alt has not discovered the skill!), using 45.37 quality Cedar Arrow Shafts and 24.21 quality War arrow heads chance of success is 6%.


To grind fletching it would probably be wise to make tons of arrow shafts until about 20 skill, and only after that apply arrow heads to them as less of them will be wasted on fails.

To grind fletching from 70 to 90+, I recommend grinding on a few arrows to as high as you can go. Making a quiver of 70QL War arrows will provide better skill than making a quiver of 50QL war arrows. Sleep bonus helps a lot. Making quivers of 80QL war arrows will help the skill gain when your skill reaches around 80+. Spamming quivers of 50QL arrows is not recommended due to its slower skill gains. I personally prefer Maple War Arrows (for Grinding) ~ AAetius, Master Fletcher.

Having a tool belt (at least 50QL) and keybinding Improve and using the imp column can be very useful!


  • Top creation quality of an arrow can be calculated as (Fletching / 5).
  • The items required for improving an arrow include: Carving Knife, Mallet, File, Pelt, and Log.


  • Fletcher at 50 skill
  • Arrowmaker at 70 skill
  • Master Fletcher at 90 skill