HFC with Poolsclosed

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Poolsclosed's guide to HFC

  • Light the Stone forge. (NOT Stone oven)
  • Place 7x frying pan, 7x sauce pan, and all the meat you have inside of a backpack inside the forge.
  • Filet 2x 1.20 kg cooked meat and 2x 0.90 kg cooked meat resulting 14x 0.30 kg Filet of cooked meat.
  • Add 0.001 kg water and 1x Filet of cooked meat in each sauce pan.
  • Add 1x cooked meat and 1x Filet of cooked meat in each frying pan.
  • Collect the resulting stew and gulasch for use in Animal taming.
  • Rinse and repeat.

The idea is to use your hunting kills or the butchered remains of other people's kills carelessly left on the road for your own hot food cooking skill gain. This method works well when doing smithing or mining because only the Filet action uses the action timer. It is recommended to store quantities of food in backpacks so as to avoid inadvertent cooking. Use of a Stone forge instead of a Stone oven makes the result more difficult, resulting in increased skill gain. This method is an effective way to gain hot food cooking skill at any level. This method also will work with fish and their associated Filets, or in quantities other than what is described above. The mechanism by which this works is that using two separate meat types makes the dish cook faster. For example, a whole cooked meat and a Filet of cooked meat will turn into stew much more quickly than just using 2x Filet of cooked meat.