Hops trellis

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Hops trellis
A Hops trellis
Total materials
  • Hops trellis (5.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.
Main / Skills / Nature / Gardening / Hops trellis


Some hops growing up a sturdy wooden trellis.

A decorative trellis created out of a hops seedling.

It can be harvested when hops are in season, using the Gardening skill and a sickle.


Activate a sickle, right click the trellis, and click Harvest. Trellises can only be harvested when in season.

Examining the trellis will tell you if it is ready to be harvested. With enough skill, hovering the mouse over it will also tell you if it can be harvested.

The amount of goods harvested depends on Gardening skill level, similarly to foraging, botanizing, milking, and harvesting from trees/bushes.

  • 1 below 26 skill
  • 2 at 26 skill
  • 3 at 53 skill
  • 4 at 80 skill


  • There is a limit of 4 trellises able to be planted per tile for harvesting.
  • The seedling's quality determines the chance to create a trellis.
  • Failing to continue will damage the shaft or nails.
  • The final shaft attached will determine the trellis' wood type.
  • They cannot be loaded
  • They can be moved or picked up.
  • Improves like carpentry items but uses the gardening skill.