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Milking is a skill used when milking cows.


To milk a cow, activate a container like a jar, a small bucket or a water skin, right-click the cow and choose Milk.


  • A cow can be milked several times per day.
  • Milk is always 100 QL when milked, but combining damaged milk results in lower QL. Milk can be used in cooking to make cheese, a staple for higher quality meals.
  • The amount of milk produced depends on milking skill level and age of the animal, similarly to foraging, botanizing, and harvesting from trees/bushes and trellises.
    • 1.00kg below 26 skill
    • 2.00kg at 26 skill (maximum amount for Adolescent animals)
    • 3.00kg at 53 skill (maximum amount for Mature animals)
    • 4.00kg at 80 skill


  • Milkman/Milkmaid at 50 skill
  • Milking Machine at 70 skill