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Main / Skills / Masonry / Oven

A Oven
  1. Activate stone brick
  2. Right-click clay (2.0 kg)
  3. Open submenu "Create > Furnaces"
Total materials
  • Oven
Skill and improvement


An oven made from stone bricks and clay intended for cooking and baking.

A stone oven is a fire container best suited for cooking and baking, but can also be used to heat up ore (NB: the QL of the lump will be lower than the ore QL), make pottery and so on, like campfire and forge.


  • Activate the stone brick, right-click the clay, and select Create > Containers > Oven.
  • To start, use a normal sized (2 kg) lump of clay, not a combined piece, because it will take the whole lot. However, to continue the oven, a combined piece of clay can be used; it will only take what it needs at a time.
  • The stone brick and clay used to start the oven are damaged if the attempt fails.


The quality of the oven will affect the duration of the fuel: the higher the quality, the longer fuel lasts. The higher the quality of the oven, the faster items heat up, too.

Rare functionality

Information icon.png
Note: Rare functionality is still not completely understood and is an exciting aspect of the game. Most information listed is only an observation of one or more players rather than confirmed by developers.

Ovens with rare properties heat up contained items more quickly than their regular counterparts and have been claimed to stay lit longer and cook food items faster.


  • Oven adds less difficulty to meals than forge, so it is better suited for cooking at low skills.
  • Iron cauldrons do not fit inside ovens.
  • Loading requires a wagon.