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Main / Skills / Masonry / Oven

A Oven
  1. Activate stone brick
  2. Right-click clay (2.0 kg)
  3. Open submenu "Create > Furnaces"
Additional materials
  • Oven
Skill and improvement


An oven made from stone bricks and clay intended for cooking and baking.

A stone oven is a fire container best suited for cooking and baking, but can also be used to heat up ore (NB: the QL of the lump will be lower than the ore QL), make pottery and so on, like campfire and forge.


  • Activate the stone brick, right-click the clay, and select Create > Containers > Oven.
  • To start, use a normal sized (2 kg) lump of clay, not a combined piece, because it will take the whole lot. However, to continue the oven, a combined piece of clay can be used; it will only take what it needs at a time.
  • The stone brick and clay used to start the oven are damaged if the attempt fails.


The quality of the oven will affect the duration of the fuel: the higher the quality, the longer fuel lasts. The higher the quality of the oven, the faster items heat up, too.

Rare functionality

Information icon.png
Disclaimer: Rare functionality is still in its infancy and any information listed may only be an observation of one or more players rather than a confirmed bonus.

Ovens with rare properties heat up contained items more quickly than their regular counterparts and have been claimed to stay lit longer and cook food items faster.


  • Oven adds less difficulty to meals than forge, so it is better suited for cooking at low skills.
  • Iron cauldrons do not fit inside ovens.