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Main / Skills / Repairing

Repairing is the skill used to repair damage on items. Repairing is useful for keeping items and buildings in good shape. A high repair skill will reduce the amount of quality lost while repairing.

Repairing increases mind logic and body control characteristics.



  • Vynora priests can use the Mend spell to repair otherwise unrepairable items
  • If you try to repair a house wall within some other deed's perimeter, you will get the error message "<Deed Name> does not allow that."
  • The timer on repairing is affected by your mind logic
  • The amount of QL reduction from repairing is affected by your repair skill in comparison to the items QL

Repair Chart (Active Materials & Damage Reduction)

Material Structure/Item Damage Reduction
Log Wooden palisade gate, Palisade Repairs 10 dmg per log
Plank Wooden Fence, Wooden Fence Gate, Low rope fence/High rope fence, Wooden house walls/Windows/Doors Fence/Gate = repairs 40 dmg per plank, House wall/Rope fence = repairs 10 dmg per plank
Rock Shards Stone wall Repairs 10 dmg per shard
Stone Brick Chain fence, Iron fence, Iron fence gate, Tall Stone Wall, Stone house walls/Windows/Doors Repairs 10 dmg per brick
Wood scrap Woven fence Repairs 10 dmg per woodscrap

Not an all-inclusive list - please add any additional items/materials to the above table that are not included.


  • Repairman/Repairwoman at 50 skill
  • Materia Tamer at 70 skill
  • Master Fixer at 90 skill