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A Thatch

1 Thatch .05kg

Skill and improvement
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A sheaf of grass stems, aligned together and of similar length.

It can be stored in a Bulk storage bin.


Failure to make a thatch using .05 of mixed grass or reeds results in too little raw materials for a second try. This is due to round-off; combining two such raw materials that one failed with results in .09 raw material.

Working with thatch is a great way to see how round-off can affect play. Failures result in a small loss of material.

Combined mixed grass of greater than .05 will only use the required .05 per thatch created, so loss only occurs upon failure.

The maximum thatch quality is the quality of the mixed grass used, with exception of using a rare or greater leggat, which increases the maximum quality that is possible.


Creation of Thatched roof.

Can be planted on a cultivated dirt tile to create a grass tile.

  • Grass tiles planted using thatch are the only plantable tiles that may be planted indoors.
Pile of thatch