The Silver Armor of Seris

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The Silver Armor of Seris
Heirloom item
Item type: Silver chain armor set
Creator: Rozare, Wwiiol, Caesar
Current Owner: Maximustehgreat
Previous Owners: *Wwiiol*


Date of Creation: White Shark starfall, 990

In the White Shark starfall of the year 990, Wwiiol was doing his daily prayers to Libila. During these prayers, Libila spoke to him, saying:

"You will create for me a suit of armor made from pure silver."

Naturally, Wwiiol obeyed. He, along with Caesar, began mining silver ore and melting it down to form lumps. He then handed it over to Rozare who forged the items under Libila's watchful eye. Once the armor was complete Libila blessed it - connecting it to the moon Seris; the Home of the Dead. She then spoke to Wwiiol, as he received the armor from Rozare, saying:

"I have blessed this armor in my name, and connected it with Seris; the Home of the Dead. You too, as my follower, are dead to the living in this world. Wear this armor as you go into battle, knowing that since you are already dead, you have no reason to fear death... Rather; challenge it head on. Cheat it. Bend it to do my will. Know that you will have the Power of the Dead and the reborn behind you as you wear this."

Battles of Prestige

Original Owner: Wwiiol ("The Horde", Horde of the Summoned)

Day of Sleep in week 1 of the starfall of Fires in the year of 994:

[09:12:05] Baldeagleog cuts you extremely hard in the right thigh and damages it.

[09:12:05] You are dead.

Second Owner: Baldeagleog (Valhalla, Jenn-Kellon)


  • [17:55:54] Maximustehgreat cuts Baldeagleog extremely hard in the right thigh and harms it.
  • [17:55:54] You pierce Baldeagleog deadly hard in the right thigh and harm it.
  • [17:55:54] Your pierce affects Baldeagleog.
  • [17:55:54] A sudden pain hits you in the same location that you hit Baldeagleog!
  • Baldeagleog is Dead R.I.P

Maximustehgreat, fearing no man, charged forward whilst fiddling with a strange amulet. He struck an almighty blow at Baldeagleog. As Baldeagleog turned to face Maximustehgreat his right leg was cut clean off with by that one terrible sweep of Maximus' sword. Baldeagleog lay there bleeding, helpless - and the forces of Whosville came forth and slew him.

Maximustehgreat looked down at the corpse of Baldeagleog and realized there was something very strange about the armor he was wearing. He knelt beside the lifeless enemy, feeling a strange aura coming from the armor on Baldeagleog's corpse. Looking closely, it glistened like the moon of Seris. He could feel the presence of Libila.

Suddenly he heard a clear, sharp voice: "Maximus, now you must do my bidding - dawn this armor in battle and kill many Jenn-Kellon in my name!" Fearing the voice of the powerful goddess, Libila, he quickly agreed. "Yes, I will do your bidding, Libila! Many shall die!"

Third Owner: Maximustehgreat (Whosville, Mol-Rehan)