Tich and her wonderful team have deployed the amazing permissions update to Wurm Online. We strongly suggest you have a read through the various forum posts and the article on permissions (see sidebar). Below is a comprehensive list of the forum posts Tich has made in the past few months ~ Marni
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Welcome to the Wurmpedia

The Wurmpedia is a player driven encyclopedia for the game Wurm Online. Anyone with a registered Wurmpedia account may contribute to the database, for information on how to obtain an account click here. The information on the Wurmpedia is gathered by the players as Wurm Online is considered a Sandbox of Discovery, however from time to time we do get information provided to us by developers to aid us in our quest for knowledge. The Wurmpedia currently has 2,644 articles and more are being added all of the time! Why not write one yourself or begin reading?

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Try editing the missing pages, stubs, dead end pages, pages marked for deletion, uncategorised pages, or unclean pages!

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Try joining the IRC channel. We're at #wurm on irc.rizon.net. See the IRC article for more details and how to get started.

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