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Disclaimer: This article is not an official document. It attempts to accurately describe current policy and statements made by the developers, but should not be taken as binding or otherwise limiting. If an authoritative statement is required, it should be requested directly from Rolf.


Wurm online has two types of accounts: basic and premium.

Note: Accounts for the wiki, forums, IRC, etc. are independent of game accounts.

Account types


Basic accounts are accounts that have not yet turned premium. Basic accounts can be created at the account registration page, for free.

The purpose of a basic account is to let people play and experience the game in (almost) all its glory. In addition to the trial aspect, it also serves to increase the player count and keep players who would be driven off by an absolute requirement for premium.

Basic accounts have some limitations compared to premium accounts.

  • Cannot raise characteristics or skills above 20, with the exception of faith (cannot exceed 30) and alignment (up to 100).
  • Can live on all servers.
  • Basic accounts can establish deeds, take ownership of an existing deed, and transfer a deed to premium characters.
  • Never-been-premium deed holders may not accept citizens since the characters may become deleted. If a never-been-premium account is deleted, the settlement will disband.
  • Accounts that have never purchased premium time are deleted after 3 months of inactivity. Buying premium once means the account will never be deleted.

There are also other limitations as consequences of the above. Some examples are:


Premium accounts are basic accounts with active premium time. Premium time can be bought from the Wurm shop for 16€ for 2 months, 48€ for 6 months, or 80€ for 12 months. Buying premium from the Wurm shop will give you a sleep powder for each month subscription. You can also buy 30 days of premium time for 10 silver coins at any settlement token in-game (can be used both on new and existing premium accounts).

Premium accounts have none of the restrictions basic accounts have. Once you buy premium time you can raise skills above the typical caps and perform many other premium only actions. In addition, your account will not be deleted regardless of inactivity. If you lose your premium status, your skills will drop to 20 (with the exception of characteristics, faith, and alignment) as you do actions in-game that would otherwise give you skill gains and revert to basic/free account. Characteristics that are between 20 and 30 when premium will not drop when reverting, and if the characteristic is above 30 when premium, it will drop to 30. These skills will return to whatever level they were before you lost premium when you pay premium again. You will not, however, gain any skill for doing actions while F2P if the skill is over 20.

Every premium account receives 2 silver and a referral the first time it turns premium. This referral can be given to another account which is premium, e.g. to the person who introduced you to the game. Players who receive referrals from other players may redeem them for 1 hours worth of sleep bonus and either 3 silver coins or 20 days of premium time.

Going premium for your first time using "Manage Player Payments" at a settlement token (at a cost of 10 silver) will also give you 2 silver in your bank and 1 referal.


The following table summaries the features of the account types.

Account Type Basic/Free Premium
Skill Cap 20 No
Faith Cap 30 No
Characteristic Cap 20* No
Server Restrictions None None
Settlement Creation Yes Yes
Settlement Ownership Yes Yes
Can Accept Citizens as Mayor No** Yes

* Capped at 20 for free accounts; however, premium accounts that become free can have up to 30 depending how high it was when premium.

** This restriction does not apply to characters who have previously been premium.

The Wurm Store

Premium time (8€ per month) and silver coins (1.6€ per coin) are for sale in the wurm store. Due to transaction fees, the minimum payment in one transaction is 10€. Check the store to see which specific combinations are available for sale.

Payments are made using Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, and many other options.

8€ is usually in the range 9-11 USD. For a more accurate value, or the amount in other currencies, check a currency calculator like Google or Oanda.

Security tips

Some useful security links: