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Black Legion is a Black Light player made kingdom on Chaos. The capital is Commorragh.



During the first reign of Daolin as emperor of the Horde of the Summoned, war broke out between the followers of Libila and the kingdom of Mol Rehan. One by one the deeds of the Black Lighters began to fail, until the war came to the capital of Ebony Veil. Whilst Daolin and his defenders tried their best to save the failing city, a small task force, consisting of only four members, left the capital on a mission of utmost secrecy. They began to lay the foundations for a new capital, a place for their people to fall back to when their home was inevitably ripped from their grasp. This was Commorragh, the future capital of the Black Legion. After the fall of Ebony Veil, construction began in earnest on the great walls that would surround the Citadel of Commorragh, and though the Black Lighters enjoyed peace for a brief season, spreading once again from the Shroud, the peace did not last. War came again at the hands of their White Light enemies. They laid siege to the Horde Mountain, eventually bringing the battle to the doorstep of Commorragh and the Shroud itself. It's high walls nearly complete, Commorragh fell, and the steady decline of the Horde began, until Libila withdrew from the Wild continent, throwing it into Chaos.

After a time, Libila began once again to whisper to her old servants, quietly calling for their return to their old lands. Her call was answered, and Commorragh was founded once again. Her whispers spread to new ears and they began to flock to the dark lands, seeking refuge in the bastion of strength and defiance that the newly restored city held. The number of refugees grew, new servants rose to power and the glory of Libila began to slowly take shape once more. The servants of the Dark Goddess began to once again spread over the land, though not all agreed on the best way to serve their Goddess. Commorragh, and those allied with it, wished to show their dedication to their Goddess, and renew their pledge of loyalty to her. Basking in the dark light of her altar, the Black Legion was born.

The enemies of the One True Goddess have once again brought battle to her loyal servants, but having increased strength from their renewed vows, they have withstood their enemies and begun the slow push to reclaim their ancestral lands. Even now the Legion grows stronger. Even now the Legion grows bolder, and their return from the Shadows is sure to herald a new age in the Chaotic Lands. The Whisperer continues to call "Are you ready to serve the Goddess? Know that if you choose not to, you are against us."


Those interested in joining the ranks of the Black Legion can find more information about them and how to contact their Recruiting Representatives by going to their official recruiting thread on the Wurm Online Forums located here:

Or apply directly at