Medium colourful carpet

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Medium colourful carpet
A Medium colourful carpet
  • Medium colourful carpet
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 750/375g of paint.


This carpet adds a nice patch of color to any house or castle.


  • Used as decoration.


  • Skill Requirement: 30 Cloth tailoring.
  • Can be picked up by hand.
  • Cannot be mailed
  • Carpets made before 07-Mar-2023 patch keep their original look - See image below for size and color comparison; small red carpet (aka Small colourful carpet ), medium blue carpet (aka Colorful carpet ), and large gold carpet (aka Large colourful carpet ).
  • Dye the base of the carpet with 750g of dye and paint the trim with 375g of dye.
    • Existing color can be removed as such: lye removes dye, and metal brush removes paint.

Carpet size comparison.PNG

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