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Cave bugs are strong creatures that spawn in caves where nobody has been for a while. Cave bugs usually spawn in packs of three.

Cave bugs are well known for being able to make red dye with butchering products. To kill a cave bug, suggested fighting 20, weapon QL 25, armor QL 15. Cave bugs will not swim, enter deeded areas often, and are rather slow. Cave bugs always spawn in groups of three, and this has been included in suggested fighting, weapon, and armor.

  • Cave bugs are aggressive to all players.
  • Attacks at insane rates but for low damage per hit.
  • Strong armour
  • Stronger than a wolf, weaker than a brown bear.
  • Can climb very good. (About twenty five climbing skill)
  • Butchering products - Cave bug cochineal (used to make red dye) and cave bug meat
  • Tamable with meat