Farming Tips

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  • You will need some flat or nearly flat tiles. The steepest slope allowed for farming is 8.
  • You will need seeds. Botanize and forage on grass or steppe tiles. Some plants require you to pick seeds from the plant or crush it, others can be planted whole (you can crush or pick seeds on wemp, make sure you choose pick seeds)
  • You must prepare the tiles for planting. If the tile isn't already dirt, use a shovel to pack the ground and then to cultivate it.
  • Select your seeds and choose plant.
  • If you weed your fields every day as they grow you have a chance of getting one extra at harvest. Plus it is a good way to gain farming experience.
  • Seeds will take 3 to 5 days to grow to harvest height. You will have the option to harvest them before they are ready so be careful not to do that.
  • Until you reach level 20 farming you will not be able to tell by examining when they are ready to be harvested. You will need to use visual clues. The plants will lose their greenish color or have flowers on top. See table below for more information and the farming page for pictures.
  • To harvest grains (wheat, oat, barley, rye) you must use a scythe.
  • Soon after they are full grown they will turn to weeds. Check them everyday if possible. If they turn to weeds you will have to rake them and try again.

Visual clues that crops are ready to harvest:

Pumpkin - bright orange, no greenish tint left on the pumpkins

Onion - purple flowers on top

Garlic - flowers on top

Strawberries - red berries visible

Potato - white flowers on top

Corn - yellow corn visible

Wemp - yellow flowers on top

Cotton - white cotton visible

Wheat - starts to turn brown

Rye - starts to turn brown

Oat - starts to turn brown

Barley - starts to turn brown