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Fo is the deity of nature. His channeling item is a gold or silver statuette of Fo.

Game lore

Fo's converting speech


His creations surround you. His love is everywhere around you.

He is the father of all things. He created the world out of love and passion.

To embrace Fo is to embrace all living things around you.

All and everyone is equal, but different.

We are all dirt. We are all gems. We just come in different shapes and colors.

To create more and love all that is already created is to love Fo.

To passionately strike down at those who aim to destroy these creations is to love Fo.

To strive after beauty and harmony with nature is to love Fo.

Fo's Inscription (Altar of Three)

I am Fo. I am the Silence and the Trees.

The sprout is my symbol.

Silent and lonely I lingered in darkness. Look around you. I created this of love and loneliness.

You are all like, but different. You are all dirt. You are all gems. You just come in different shapes and colors.

Do my bidding. Let all things grow into the splendor they may possess. Strive after beauty and harmony with nature. Let your soul become a lustrous gem.

With the same passion by which I once created all this, strike down at those who aim to destroy these creations.

Love me. Let me love you.


Each god has slightly different abilities and penalties. Below lists only the abilities and penalties of Fo. Follower abilities are only available to players with faith above 20.

Fo follower abilities and penalties

(See the follower page for details on being a follower)

Follower abilities

  • Followers with 20 faith and 10 favor receive a passive healing bonus.
  • Followers with 20 faith and 20 favor receive a 25% bonus to passive stamina regeneration.
  • +15% skill gain to nature & its sub skills, healing & first aid, and cooking & its sub skills.
  • +2.5%-10% skill gain to body stamina & soul depth scaled by alignment.
  • 20% slower food/water bar drain.
  • +1 range for gardening/forestry-dependent mouseover info (trees, grass, etc.).
  • +10% QL gain when improving cloth items.

Follower penalties

  • Followers cannot raise faith above 30.
  • Alignment penalties.

Fo priest abilities and penalties

(See the priest page for details on priest-hood)

Priest abilities

Priest penalties

Fo champion abilities and penalties

Please note: Champions have been discontinued until further notice.

(See the champion page for details on champion-hood)

Champion abilities

  • All Fo follower and Fo priest abilities (NOT the Priest penalties)
  • +5 to all characteristics skills.
  • Faith set to 99.99 (you can continue to pray & gain faith, but only at about 0.000010)
  • Praying, channeling, exorcism all get 50+your original skill, up to a maximum of 80.
  • Shorter time for normal healing
  • You will get a new title: Champion of Fo (this title can not be turned off, but it does not effect other titles. So you can be a 'Blacksmith Champion of Fo' for example).
  • You will lose your Champion status after you die 3 times or after 6 months.


Spells are only available to priests and champions. You cannot raise your faith above 30 without becoming a priest.