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Personal Goals: What are they, and why complete them?

As Wurm’s nature as a game is one of open-endedness, freedom, and a lack of rigid structure with regard to in-game choices and fate, so too does the game provide some optional measures of structure and guided direction which players may follow at their leisure. Enter Wurm’s Personal Goal System.

The Personal Goal System, accessed by opening the HUD Settings Panel from the in-game main menu, provides each player with their very own unique, randomly-generated set of challenges to try to complete. Some challenges are relatively simple, such as kill a wolf, and may be completed fairly quickly, while others can take considerable gaming investment in order to complete, such as improve an item to 99 quality, or even catch 1,000 fish. These challenges, or personal goals, cover a wide range of skillsets, uses of materials, travel and adventure, and more.

Three Primary Incentives

So, why complete personal goals? Certainly, as touched on above, there is no requirement associated with completing or even paying any attention to a player’s personal goals. Wurm can be played and thoroughly enjoyed in any number of capacities without any such guidance or structure. However, there are actually a number of resounding benefits to players completing these goals.

Unenforced Structure

One benefit is simply that of basic structure. With the game’s current personal goal system, players may follow this loose “script”, as they so choose, picking up or leaving off at any time. The only occasion in which such leisurely approach may not be possible is if a particular personal goal involves completing a specific set of tasks all in one gaming session. This, however, is the only exception to the remarkable freedom players have in choosing to follow more game structure or not via the Personal Goal System.


Next, players benefit directly with the completion of individual personal goals. When a particular goal is completed, the player is made aware in-game and is then awarded karma based on the difficulty of that completed goal. Karma awarded for personal goal completion is as follows:

  • 100 karma for a silver goal
  • 500 for a gold goal
  • 1000 for a diamond goal

(“Silver”, “gold”, and “diamond” being denotations for task difficulty.)

Winning the Game, Crowning Award

Finally, for many, the ultimate drive provided in the pursuit of personal goals is the ability to eventually win the game. Winning in Wurm involves completing all personal goals. Upon the completion of a player’s final outstanding goal, a system-wide announcement is put out in-game as well as on a number of outside platforms, such as Twitter and Niarja, heralding and recording that player’s impressive accomplishment. Bragging rights ensue here, no doubt, but even better to some is the crowning award given to players at this juncture; winning players are randomly awarded one of a number of possible special items which are otherwise incredibly expensive (coin and/or trade-wise) or difficult to obtain by any other method in-game.

These are the basics of the Wurm Personal Goal System as well as why many players choose to pursue its offerings. For additional information on personal goals, see the Wurmpedia page devoted to the subject.