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The Language of Wurm

Let this be your guide to the unique language of the world of Wurm.

If you are new to the world of Wurm, no doubt you have already come across some unique words, phrases, acronyms, synonyms and even spellings that are found almost everywhere: the Wiki, Forum, Chat windows and the User interface of Wurm.

Sometimes different words mean the same thing

Deed, Settlement and Village all mean the exact same thing. You will find that all three words take you to the same place on the Wiki.
Paper doll, Character sheet and Character window likewise all mean the exact same thing.

Sometimes similar words mean completely different things

Smithing, Armour smithing, Blacksmithing, Blade smithing, Chain armour smithing, Jewelry smithing, Locksmithing, Plate armour smithing, Shield smithing and Weapon smithing are all completely different activities with completely different skillsets!

Wurmians must learn to be precise in their communications. The more precise you are the faster and more accurate answers to your questions will be. When the day comes that you reach out to help another Wurmian, your precise communications will be a blessing to them!


Typically Wurmian is very similar to english, specifically a mixture of European and American english. You may see words which might appear incorrectly spelled to you (at first), but with time you will come to recognize the language of Wurm in all its splendor.

Acronyms, Abbreviations and Wurmian words - (Wurmwords)

Just as life on any planet is rich, deep and diverse, so too is the world of Wurm. Over the centuries wurmians have developed words and abbreviations to use in their communications with one another. Some of these were sent down from the gods and have remained since the creation. Others have found their way into common use over time. A familiarity with these will speed you on your way, whichever direction you decide to take in the world of Wurm. Note that in normal day to day communications, letter case is for the most part ignored by most Wurmians, however, when you see Wurmwords inscribed on items such as tools or weapons to indicate spells or enchantments, priests and craftsmen will always use the correct letter case.

Wurmword Meaning Area
AH Animal husbandry Action / Skill
Arch Archaeology / Restoration Action / Skill
BS Blacksmithing Action / Skill May also be written as "BSing" to avoid confusion with Body strength or Body stamina.
Carp Carpentry Action / Skill
CaS Chain armour smithing Action / Skill
CT Cloth tailoring Action / Skill
DFM Dairy food making Action / Skill
Dom Dominate Action / Skill
FC Fine carpentry Action / Skill
FS Fight skill Action / Skill
HFC Hot food cooking Action / Skill
Imp Improve Action / Skill
JS Jewelry smithing Action / Skill
LW Leatherworking Action / Skill
NS Natural substances Action / Skill Sometimes referred to as natsub
PaS Plate armour smithing Action / Skill Sometimes shortened to PS (Plate smithing)
Sac Sacrifice Action / Skill
SB Shipbuilding Action / Skill
SC Stone cutting Action / Skill
WC Woodcutting Action / Skill
WS Weapon smithing Action / Skill
BS Body strength Attribute Also Body stamina or Blacksmithing.
CCFP Calories, Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protiens Attribute
CR Combat rating Attribute
DMG Damage Attribute
Prem Premium Attribute
Q or QL Quality Attribute
WT Weight Attribute
o/ Friendly greeting Chat May also be written \o
o7 Respectful greeting Chat
PC Price check Trade Chat
WTA Want to Auction Trade Chat
WTB Want to buy Trade Chat
WTS Want to sell Trade Chat
WTT Want to trade Trade Chat
GL Goblin leader Creature Also Global chat
FG Forest giant Creature
TK Troll king Creature
C Copper Currency
G Gold Currency
I Iron Currency
S Silver Currency
Lib Libila Deity
Mag Magranon Deity
Vyn Vynora Deity
MOI Moment of inspiration Event Also called Rare roll, drumroll
CoD Cash on Delivery General
F2P Free to play General
FL Focus level General Your combat focus
FPS Frames per Second General A measure of pc performance
GUI / UI Graphic user interface General Sometimes just UI, (User interface)
KG Kilogram General A measure of weight
KPH Kilometers per hour General A measure of speed
Perm / Perms Permissions General
PVE Player versus environment General
PVP Player versus player General
RNG Random chance General Literally 'random number generator' a device used by the gods
Wogic Wogic General The unique logic and mathematics of Wurm
BCU Bulk container unit Item
BL The black light, home of the Bone altar Item
BoK Bag of keeping Item
BSB Bulk storage bin Item
FSB Food storage bin Item
LMC Large magical chest Item
LMS Large metal shield Item
LSU Large storage unit Item
MBoK Master bag of keeping Item
MMS Medium metal shield Item
NPC Non playing character Item
SB Sleep bonus Item Also called SP (Sleep powder)
SMC Small magical chest Item
SMS Small metal shield Item
WL The White light, home of the Altar of Three Item
HotS Horde of the Summoned Kingdom
JK Jenn-Kellon Kingdom
MR Mol-Rehan Kingdom
PMK Player made kingdom Kingdom
Cad Cadence Place
Cel Celebration Place
Def Defiance Place
Deli / Del Deliverance Place
Exo Exodus Place
GV Golden Valley Place
Har Harmony Place
Ind / Indy Independence Place
Mel Melody Place
Pri Pristine Place
Rel Release Place
Xan Xanadu Place
AD Animal demise Spells
AoE Area of Effect Spells
AoSP Aura of shared pain Spells
BotD Blessings of the dark Spells
BT Bloodthirst Spells
CD Cool down Spells Amount of time that must pass before an action can be repeated
CoC Circle of cunning Spells
FA Flaming aura Spells
FB Frostbrand Spells
HD Human demise Spells
LD Legendary demise Spells
LitD Lurker in the dark Spells Also Lurker in the deep
LitW Lurker in the woods Spells
LT Life transfer Spells
MD Monster demise Spells
MS Mind stealer Spells
Nim Nimbleness Spells
Op Opulence Spells
RoS Rite of spring Spells
RT Rotting touch Spells
StS Stone strike Spells
V Venom Spells
WA Web armour Spells Also Wurm Assistant
WoA Wind of ages Spells
BLer Blacklighter Wurmian
CA Community assistant Wurmian
CM Chat moderator Wurmian
Dev Developer Wurmian
GM Game master Wurmian
WLer Whitelighter Wurmian