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Beginner Guide to Healing


This guide is designed to help beginners with the concept of healing. Most concepts discussed here are covered in more detail on specific pages. This page will focus primarily on wound severity and basic healing techniques, and not wound types or healing spells.

Healing Basics

A character can suffer wounds from many different sources. These wounds can be viewed in the character's inventory window under the body part affected by the wound. Wounds on other players, pets, and creatures can be viewed by right clicking them and choosing Look > Equipment.

Wounds vary in type and severity, and each wound is calculated individually. A character who suffers 100 damage total, spread across all wounds, will die. Wounds are represented by their severity, as a percentage of the player's total health.

Wounds accumulate damage proportional to their severity. Characters have natural regeneration, which may offset the damage accumulated on each wound. When the character's regeneration is greater than the wound damage factor, the wound will heal. If the character's regeneration is equal to the wound damage factor, the wound will stabilize (neither heal nor worsen). When the character's regeneration is less than the wound damage factor, the wound will worsen.

The character's regeneration can be boosted through usage of bandages and healing covers. It is generally better to bandage first, as the bandage may reduce the severity of the wound, making the application of healing covers easier.

The success in applying bandages and healing covers is based upon the quality of the materials, and the player's first aid and healing skills.

Damage and Regeneration

Damage and Regeneration are calculated every 10 minutes from the time a wound is inflicted.

The character's base regeneration rate is 5 damage every 10 minutes, per wound.

Bandages (or farmer's salve on bruise) immediately remove some damage upon application. Bandages can be applied from any cotton or cloth tailoring product. Commonly used is a piece of cotton. If the wound still exists after this, the wound becomes bandaged and another bandage may not be applied, unless this wound takes damage again. Bandaged wounds increase the regeneration rate by 1 every 10 minutes.

Healing Covers add a specific amount of regeneration based on the potency of the healing cover applied, and the would will become treated. Examine a treated wound to determine the current potency of an applied cover. Healing Covers may be replaced with a higher potency variety at any time, but do not stack in potency. See Healing Cover for more information on calculating potency, and usable ingredients.

The basic formula is: (wound damage / 3) - 5 = damage increase per tick. If this number is positive, it will require bandages or healing covers. Once this value is negative, the wound will begin healing.

Wound Severity Information

Wounds take 1 damage per tick for every 3 damage already accumulated. the following is a breakdown of the wound severities:

Very light What's This?
0-5% damage. These wounds are less than 5 damage, and are healed within one tick. These wounds heal by themselves.
Light What's This?
5-15% damage. These wounds take 1 to 4 damage per tick, and will within one tick either heal or become Very Light. These wounds require a potency 1 - 5 Healing Cover to heal in one Tick.
Medium What's This?
15-30% damage. These wounds take 5 to 10 damage every tick. They may be stable or may become Bad if not treated. These wounds require a potency 1 Healing cover or Bandage to begin healing, and a potency 5 or greater Healing cover to heal in one tick.
Bad What's This?
30-45% damage. These Wounds take 10 to 15 damage every tick. They will never heal themselves, and will become Severe if not treated. These require a healing cover between 6 and 12 potency to begin healing, depending on their damage.
Severe What's This?
45% and up. These wounds take 15 or more damage every tick. They will kill the character if not treated. These wounds require a strong healing cover to even stabilize. These wounds require a healing cover greater than 12 potency to begin healing at the lowest levels. Supreme healing covers 20+ potency recommended.


  • Light Wound, 8 damage. Base Regeneration. Wound takes 1 damage (Light Severity) and Heals 5 damage (regeneration). 8 + 1 - 5 = 4 damage after 1 tick. Wound is fully healed on second tick.
  • Medium Wound, 17 Damage, Bandaged. Wound takes 5 damage (Medium Severity) and heals 6 damage (regeneration, bandage). 17 + 5 - 6 = 16. Wound heals slowly for 2 ticks, then becomes Light.
  • Medium Wound, 18 Damage, Good Healing Cover (10). Wound takes 5 Damage (Medium Severity) and heals 15 damage (regeneration, healing cover). 18 + 5 - 15 = 8. Wound is Light after one tick.
  • Bad Wound, 30 Damage, Weak Cover (5). Wound takes 10 damage (Bad Severity) and heals 10 damage (regeneration, healing cover). 30 + 10 - 10 = 30. Wound is stabilized, but will not heal.