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Small and large carts are used for transporting heavy loads, most commonly ground or mining resources such as dirt, rock shards, and iron ore.

Large carts can be dragged at any skill level, but need 20.10 Mind Logic in order to be commanded.

You may drag it, however you can force tamed pets to drag large carts for you. The maximum weight you can drag in a small cart is (BodyStrength * 7 - Amount you're carrying) * 10 - 60. The maximum weight you can drag in a large cart is (BodyStrength * 7 - Amount you're carrying) * 10 - 240.

A player with 20 body strength, carrying 10kg in the inventory and 5kg on the body, can drag up to 1,190kg in a small cart or 1,010kg in a large cart for example.

Carts can be painted, small carts require 6.05kg and large carts require 24.60 kg of dye. As a container, carts may hold up to 100 items, however some items are too bulky to fit in stacks of 100.

For example, small carts may only hold a max of 40 units of ore, dirt, or sand. Two felled trees and a log, or 9 chopped up logs. To fit more than 100 items, use containers such as small chests, small barrels or backpacks, but remember the maximum weight you can drag.

To create either a large or a small cart, activate a wooden plank in your inventory and right-click a small wheel axle.

A large cart max. can hold 6400 kg without any other container inside it.

Note: Large carts CAN be managed via the "Management" option IF you apply a Large Padlock to the cart after construction.