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With this guide, you can find exactly where the vein is, in ~45 minutes. You'll need to make a squared map of the rock tiles. I've tried this technique one time, and it works!

Sorry for my bad English, if you find a mistake, can you correct it please? =)

The map

To make the map, you need an empty map. Download this one :



When you prospect a rock tile, it says if there is a vein in a range of 3 tiles around it. And if it says that "there is only rock here", it means that there is only rock shard in a range of 3 tiles around this tile.

So, now prospect every rock tile, and draw each tile on the map. Use different colour for each prospected tile, depending of what you find while prospecting.

For example, paint in grey the tile for which it says "There is iron ore nearby" when you prospect. In maroon the tile for which it says "There is only rock here". Paint the grass tile in green, and the water in blue.

After you prospected every rock tile, you should get something like this :


Eliminating the tile where there isn't vein

Paint all the rock tile that are in a 7x7 square around the maroon tiles in black.

A square like this:


For example :

Before :


And after you painted all the rock tiles in a 7x7 square around the maroon square in black :


You can know exactly where the vein is now!



Mine on the "grey tile"! If it say that the rock is too hard to mine, then mine the tile at the right or at the left.

Others examples

This is the map of the rock tiles near my house, and that's exactly how I found the iron vein. They were exactly where I found them on the map.

Before :

(Image no longer available)

After :

(Image no longer available)

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