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Jenn-Kellon is not only one of Wurm’s oldest, but it is also the largest and most populous kingdom with considerable influence in the North Eastern quarter of the wild lands. Historically, Jenn-Kellon has been notable for its formidable numbers and domination over the Altar of Three. In the era before Mol-Rehan, Jenn-Kellon battled with Horde of the Summoned over territory for many years. Following the emergence of a new enemy, the war has taken on many new fronts. Life as a Jenn-Kellon in the North East is often fairly safe, stable and relaxed, and therefore it is considered one of the easier kingdoms to live in, although the closer to the front lines you get, life may be a bit more troublesome. Despite the relative peace in Jenn-Kellon, it is still home to many of Wurm’s greatest, best equipped and most experienced fighters, and as such can command a devastatingly powerful military.

Official backstory

Jenn-Kellon is really made up of two separate kingdoms, Jenn and Kellon.

While Jenn-Kellon has two kings, only the Jenn king has any real power in practice.