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There are four Gods in the world of Wurm Online: The White Light Gods of Fo, Vynora and Magranon, and the Black Light Goddess of Libila.

Advantages of joining a Religion include having the ability to become a Priest so you can cast Spells. You can also become a Champion of your God, giving you bonuses to both Fighting and Religion. As a Priest or Champion, you will have domain bonuses while you are inside your God's or Goddess's domain. Each of the Gods and Goddesses also have their own specific advantages which can be found under their own pages above.

To become a follower of your God's or Goddess's Faith, you must have at least 1.5 Body. You can then find a follower of that Faith and ask them to Convert you. You can also go to the Altar of Three to join a White Light Faith, or the Bone Altar if you want to join Libila.

  • There is both an Altar of Three and a Bone Altar on the Chaos server. It is not possible to be Libila and Freedom Isle as the same time, therefore it is not possible to be Libila outside of Chaos.
  • There is both an Altar of Three and a Bone Altar on the Elevation server. You can follow any of the Gods if you are in the Epic cluster.

Note that if you join Libila, you automatically join Horde of the Summoned, and all of the White Light Kingdoms will become your enemies.

Historical information: Pre-Chaos (before Wild moved to the Freedom custer) players got 1 free Transfer (/transfer in chat to use) to change gods once without loosing any faith. It was intended for Libila followers to choose another god as Libila was removed from Wild when it became Chaos. Other priest/followers could use it too though, and occasionally a Priest avatar is put up for sale with it's Transfer unused. That allows the purchaser to follow only Libila if not a follower of her already, after the usage of the Transfer. There are no penalties to using a Transfer other than the removal of your free Transfer.

Priest and spells

The ability to cast spells is limited to only Priests and Champions.

To cast a spell as a Priest or Champion, you'll need to have a certain Faith and Favor with your God, and have the Statuette of your God active. Depending on the spell, you can then right click a person, item, tile, or wound to cast a spell on it.

Different Gods give different spells.

Faith and Favor

To gain Faith, you will need to pray at an altar of your God. You can pray 5 times a day with at least 20 minutes apart to gain Faith. Faith is limited to 30 as a normal follower. In order to gain more, you will have to become a Priest. Note that all spells and most bonuses require more than 30 faith.

Favor is used up while casting spells, but regains automatically. The maximum of favor you can have is equal to your current Faith level.

Domains of the gods

Altars create an area of influence around them. The power of this influence on a tile is determined by the quality of the altar and the distance between that tile and the altar. Whichever god has the most powerful influence on a tile has domain on that tile.

Within your god's domain, you receive a "Faith Bonus" status effect, with its power level determined by your Faith and the power of your god's influence at your current location. This grants a bonus to spellcasting for priests, and a fighting bonus to priests and followers.

Other passive bonuses provided by worshiping a god do not generally require being in your god's domain. For example, Fo's healing bonus is available even within the domain of a different god.

Stamina drain

Priests with high faith (60-70?) are inspired in their deities favored terrains, and have less stamina drain there. Vynora followers get the bonus on roads, Magranon on rock, Fo on grass, dirt and trees, and Libila followers on mycelium.

Animals of the gods

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