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Rice wine can be made with cooked rice and maple syrup.

A Wine
  • Rice wine
Skill and improvement


Rice Wine is a beverage made from maple syrup and cooked rice. It is stored in a wine barrel.

Rice wine requires some amount of Beverages skill greater than 30.

An almost colorless alcoholic beverage popularly served in warm cups. Very hard to do good and does not improve with age.


Unlike grape wines, rice wine will take damage instead of increasing in quality as time goes on.


  • Rice wine is created in the container that the cooked rice is in. If the total amount is greater than the container's volume, the extra wine will spill.
  • Although cooked rice is not a liquid, it must be inside a liquid container, to make rice wine.
  • The ql of the maple syrup directly affects the percentage chance of success and each failure you loose 0.10 kg of syrup and the ql of the cooked rice is lowered by 0.50 (I used 20 ql for 14 percent and 40 ql for 29 percent.)
  • I used 2kg syrup and 1.98 kg cooked rice to produce 1.52 kg wine of 8.99 ql with all syrup used up and 0.57 of cooked rice left over. It seems to me the ratio is 1.40 syrup to 1.41 cooked rice but this needs further testing.
  • Additional Testing: 0.2 kg of syrup and 1.94 kg of cooked rice also yielded 1.52 kg of wine with 0.54 kg of cooked rice left over. Using 1.44 kg of cooked rice (10 rice in a saucepan then fill with water) left 0.04 kg unused, so the optimum quantity of cooked rice appears to be 1.40 (or multiples there of). Syrup quantity can be as low as 0.1 kg but you will get 0.72 kg of wine.