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A Risotto


Skill and improvement


A risotto made from fish fillet and rice. It can not be improved.

Risotto can be made with water and rice plus a piece of fish or fish filet. The difficulty of risotto is 30. In a forge the difficulty is 50.


  • Risotto quality is strongly influenced by the amount of water used. Too much or too little water reduces ql. One flask (0.25kg) of water gives good results and is easy to measure out. The exact ratio of water to other items is unknown. For example: one fish fillet, one rice, and 2.17 kg water will result in a very low ql Risotto.
  • It can not be combined and is not a liquid type item.
  • Tested with 2 rice (99ql), 1 fish filet (74ql), 0.25 kg of water, 80ql sauce pan, 99 HFC, cooked in an oven (difficulty 30), best result was 93.56 ql risotto (0.75kg).