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Screenshot of the ingame client

Wurm Online has an integrated IRC client that can be accessed via the console. There is currently no way to edit the IRC settings in the options dialog, so you will have to edit the settings manually. This is very easy to do and an added advantage is that you can add text that is automatically sent to the server upon connection, meaning you can identify yourself to NickServ or even just say "Hi" to everyone on a certain channel. The number of possibilities is huge!

Where are the settings located?

The settings are located in your autorun file. The autorun file is run automatically when you run Wurm. By default it contains commands that bind actions to a certain key, but with a bit of editing you can connect to an IRC server!

The autorun file is called autorun.txt. It is located in your "Wurm Online Work Directory"/configs/"config name"/

"Wurm Online Work Directory" - the directory you choose when you first play Wurm. "config name" - directory is named by config you use. Default is - default.

Connecting to an IRC Server

To connect to a server, you use the "irc" command in the console. The syntax of the command is:

irc <server> <port>

For instance, if you wanted to connect to the rizon server, where the official wurm channel is located, you would type:

irc 6667

If you do not specify a server and port when using the irc command, the default server ( is used.

There are many IRC servers on the Internet, so you can always find one that suits you.

The uses of the "ircsay" command

Once connected to a server, you can use the "ircsay" command. This command will let you send commands to the server. There are many uses of this but the syntax is:

ircsay <command>

Commands start with a slash (/) just like on the Wurm Online chat.

Automatically joining a channel

To automatically join a channel, you can use the /join command.

To do this you would type:

ircsay /join #channel

If you wanted to join the #wurm channel, you could type:

ircsay /join #wurm

Automatically leaving a channel

Usually IRC servers have a #lobby channel which you automatically join. This can be a pain, so you can part the channel. To do this you would type:

ircsay /part #channel

To exit a lobby channel you could type:

ircsay /part #lobby

Changing your nick

To change your nickname, you would type:

ircsay /nick new nickname

If you wanted to be called "Ancient", you could type:

ircsay /nick Ancient

Identifying yourself with NickServ

Some IRC servers have a feature called NickServ. This allows you to protect your nick. To protect it, you need to register. Type this into the IRC server with the nickname you like set:

/msg NickServ register <password> <email>

If you wanted your password to be mickey and your username to be you would type:

/msg NickServ register mickey

When you login with your nickname now, you will need to "identify" yourself. To do this you type:

ircsay /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

To identify the previous example, you would type:

ircsay /msg NickServ IDENTIFY mickey

Saying a message in a channel

To simply say a message in a channel, you just use the "ircsay" command:

ircsay <message>

If you wanted to say "Hey, guys!" upon login you could type:

ircsay Hey, guys!

To choose the channel, use the tell command:

ircsay /tell #channel Hey, guys!

Binding a command to a key

To bind an IRC command to a key, you can use the "bind" command:

bind <key> <command>

If you wanted to choose several IRC servers on login you could do something like this:

bind h "irc 6667"
bind j "irc 6667"

More information about binding keys can be found in Client Key Bindings.


If you mess up your autorun.txt, delete it and Wurm will automatically recreate a new autorun.txt.


As you can see from this tutorial, there are many possibilities using the "irc" and "ircsay" commands. For more information about autorun.txt read the Client Key Bindings page.

--Ancient/Graham Edgecombe 10:25, 26 January 2007 (CST)