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Removed feature

The feature described here has been removed from Wurm Online. This page is retained only for historical purposes.

Settlement form
A Settlement form

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Settlement form (0.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
Main / Items / Settlement form

A paper giving the possessor the right to found a settlement. A form to fill out for renting land and creating a settlement.

Settlement form is used to found a settlement (deed). It can be bought from an NPC trader for 10 silver coins. It is one-use, non-craftable and no-drop.

You can have an active settlement form and an unused settlement form in your inventory at the same time.

Stand on the tile that you want your village centre token to be on, right-click the Settlement form in your inventory, and choose 'Village' > 'Found village'.

For more information regarding founding a village, please refer to the page Settlements.

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