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[[CDB|Main]] / [[:Category:Butchering itemsSkills|Skills]] / [[Cooking]] / [[Butchering items]] / '''{{PAGENAME}}'''{{itemBox|name='''{{PAGENAME}}'''|image=Bladder.jpg|creation=Obtained through [[Bladderbutchering]]|result=* '''{{PAGENAME}}''' (0.20 kg)|improve=no|combinable=yes|storage=bsb}}
A bladder butchered from either == Description ==''The sack where a [[Cows|Cow]], a [[Calf]] or a [[Deer]], can be now deceased animal used for making a [[Cheese Drill]]to keep its urine.''
== Usage ==* Used in the construction of a [[cheese drill]].* Used in some [[cooking]] recipes.* Used to create a [[healing cover]] with a potency of 2. == Notes ==* 0.02kg is used in the creation of a healing cover.* Butchered products decay extremely fast outside of bulk storage. [[Category:Butchering items]][[Category:ItemsCooking]][[Category:Butchering Natural substances items]][[Category:Butchering ProductsBabel/B]]
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