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Wurm is designed so that a player can start with nothing, and create every essential and craftable item. No starter gear, no weapons, no tools, just a shirt and pants, not even shoes! Noobs start with a set of starting weapons and tools. These can be lost, or thrown out. Wurm allows that. 'It isn't easy', starting over in Wurm, 'but it is possible'.

If you:

  • Died and lost an essential item
  • Lost everything to raiders on a PVP server
  • Dropped your starter gear and lost it
  • Or you just want a challenge, aka Wurm Hard Mode

then this is for you. This is not for the faint of heart, even more so than Wurm normally is. But if you like a challenge, you may find it rewarding.

Make crude tools

Your first order of business is to find iron rock and branches. Once you find a rock face, you need to rummage over it. Rummaging is like foraging but for rock instead of grass, trees, or steppe. You will likely only turn up two types of items: rock shards (in smaller amounts than you would mine) and iron rock. You will need both to make your first tool, a crude knife.

  • find a large area of exposed rock, like a cliff or mountain, now rummage on a rock tile until you have
  • Forage in a forest until you have

Also keep any flint you find.

Tips for foraging:

  • keep all cotton (healing)
  • crush all pumpkin into seeds (for planting when you can start your farm; seeds are lighter)
  • crush wemp into fiber for a rope (you will need to make a rope tool, but wemp fiber is light and easy to carry)
  • save sprouts for fuel
  • drop acorns

Smelting iron

Rummage again until you have:

  • 12 iron rock

(When you smelt the iron rocks in a campfire you get .2kg for every 3kg.)

Use your crude shovel to cut down a "mature tree", an "old and shriveled tree", or a "fruit tree".

Use your crude knife on the log and make a shortbow. This will give you 2kg woodscrap.

Use your crude knife on the log and make a kindling.

Use the kindling on the woodscrap to make a campfire (you don't have to have steel and flint to start a campfire)

Put the iron rocks in the fire.

While the iron rocks are heating up, you need to forage 2 more branches and cut them into shafts. make a mallet and a handle

Steel and flint

If you don't have a steel and flint, making one is going to be a real tough proposition. Until you do have one, you will be unable to use a forge or oven, or (most important) unable to make charcoal piles.

Steel and flint requires steel lumps. To make steel, you need charcoal. The easiest way to get charcoal is to build a charcoal pile. But, since you don't have a steel and flint, you can't light it! What to do?

There are at least two other sources of charcoal. Lava spiders and lava fiends sometimes drop charcoal when killed. Other than that, you may have to buy or (dare we say) steal it. Until you have this valuable tool, you are going to be hampered by only being able to make poor little campfires. Unfortunately, campfires will limit the quality of items you make with them. Hope you have decent fight skill!

Make iron carving knife and small anvil

  • Combine all of the *hot* lumps into one big lump.
  • Use the mallet on the lump to make a small anvil
  • use the remaining lump on the small anvil to make a carving knife blade
  • use the knife on the shaft to make a handle
  • attach the handle to the carving knife blade

Your Choice


It is recommended that you search for clay, and take 2 crude shovels, and 2 crude pickaxes (because they break, and cannot be repaired).

  • Make 2 or 3 jars to carry water, and a clay bowl to cook in. Clay normally appears along shorelines, but deposits can be some distance apart.

Eventually you are going to need to cook casseroles, and carry water around with you. Jars are a lot lighter than small barrels full of water, and are also good for mixing liquids such as lye and dyes. Once you find clay, they are also much easier to make.

more iron tools

Put that small anvil to use and make more tools, nails, and locks. A pickaxe is a good tool to have. A stone chisel is another good tool to have handy, especially if you have steel and flint. With that and some clay, you can build a forge. With that, you will be pretty much even with any other beginning Wurmian.

Have Fun

This should be enough to get you going. You will need to get more iron rock for a pickaxe, hatchet, large anvil and a shovel, but now you can use the carving knife to make shafts, and the shovel to cut down trees (tip: only cut down mature trees, or fruit trees, you need a hatchet to chop up felled trees)

Good luck in the lands of Wurm!