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Steel lump
A Steel lump
  • 0.40kg Steel lump
Skill and improvement


A heavy lump of dark steel.

Tools made from steel take 20% less damage from use than similar quality iron versions.


  • A minimum of 0.20kg for both iron and coal is needed for creation. For both materials, regardless of how large a bundle may be, only 0.20kg is used.
  • A success consumes 0.20kg iron and 0.20kg of coal and results in a 0.40kg steel lump.
  • A failed attempt decreases both the charcoal and the iron lumps' weight by 0.04kg.
  • The quality of the charcoal affects the success chance as well as the likelihood the lump will be high quality.
  • The quality of the iron lump caps the quality of the steel lump.
  • Only the charcoal needs to be glowing hot.
  • Any enchantments should be cast upon the charcoal.
  • This metal has some special properties, especially when compared to iron.