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Now, this is just a rough guide on the do's and dont's and some advice on what to do in Wurm Online.


  • Do find the guide as soon as you start. In GV, the guide is usually around you, have a good look round and if you still can't fing her do a /help or ask in kingdom chat (type in /shout I need help with so and so)
  • Do look for clay the moment you log on, you'll need a lot of it when starting out.
  • Do try to seek help from other players, to do this the best way would be to type in the chat box ' /shout I am new to the game, (Your question here) '

Most people will tell you to look in wiki, wiki will more than likely have the answer, if it doesn't tell the players in the Mol-Rehan/Jenn-Kellon chat and ask them for help.

  • Do read wiki thoroughly before playing, once you know the best things to do starting out wont be so painful.
  • Do persevere. Wurm is a very tough game to start out as a newbie, things will be ever so difficult, but you just gotta hang in there, once you master your skills, the rewards will be sweet.
  • Do ask for help. Don't be afraid, Wurm players don't bite (at least most don't ;) )
  • Do be careful. Wurm is FULL of dangers, the most feared of newbies, The huge spider. Most animals can be seen on wiki on the Animals page, that will tell you what to fear. But to put it boldly, just avoid anything with a red outline. If become attacked by anything but a crocodile or bear try to find water and swim in it, as the animals can't swim.
  • Do be nice. Wurm has a lot of new players just like you, be nice to eachother and try and last a few days without trying to kill eachother.


  • Don't run straight into the woods the moment you first log on. Its tempting to explore but its a big bad world out there. Try to stick around the starter town for your first few weeks of gameplay.
  • Don't be rude. Kingdom chat is there to help you. Don't start being rude to people and if you are told to shut up by many people, shut up.
  • Don't steal or kill. If you are on homeserver do NOT take whats not yours. And do NOT fight with other players on golden valley.
  • Don't back chat GM's CM's or Devs. Very very dumb thing to do. They sacrifice their playing time to help you. Show some respect and obey them. What a dev or GM says is law.

Thats about all I can think of for now. I might add more to it later. If your on Wildserver and are a Whitelighter and need help, try PMing me in-game and ask me questions. Type into the chat box: /tell Madt Can you help me? I'm new and would like help.

Have fun, play safe.