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| Abstinence || You wouldn't mind something to eat. Really really really. || Silver || Fasting.
| Abstinence || You wouldn't mind something to eat. Really really really. || Silver || Fasting.
| All Hell || You've held your ground against the Hell creatures|| Gold || Kill all hell creatures ([[hell hound]], [[hell scorpious]])
| Almost impossible || You've manufactured something really special || Diamond || Create a fantastic item.
| Almost impossible || You've manufactured something really special || Diamond || Create a fantastic item.

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The achievement system was added May 31st, 2012.

To access your achievements, open the main menu and click on "Achievement Window".

Separate achievement records are kept on each server. Travelling between servers will change the contents of a player's achievement window.

List of known Achievements


Achievement Description Rarity How to Unlock
Abstinence You wouldn't mind something to eat. Really really really. Silver Fasting.
All Hell You've held your ground against the Hell creatures Gold Kill all hell creatures (hell hound, hell scorpious)
Almost impossible You've manufactured something really special Diamond Create a fantastic item.
Amost as good as an Axe There's always a way to bring down a tree. Silver Cut down a tree with something other than an axe.
Animal Care How nice of you to feed your pet Silver Feed ANY animal.
Ashes to Ashes Most people avoid lava for good reasons Silver Die on a lava tile
"boat type" Sailor Look, it floats! Silver Enter different types of boats as commander.
"boat type" Maker You finished the "boat type" Silver Complete construction of different types of boats.
Be Gentle Please You won a spar, hooray! Silver Win a spar
Bread Maker You can bake! Silver Bake a bread
Bugged Rarity You were the victim of a weird achievement bug but survived Silver Any improving before Rarity achivement was fixed
Cap'n Aye aye, Cap'n Silver Enter all the different types of boats as commander.
Chief Mate Yarr Matey Silver Be a passenger in a boat
Citizen Congratulations! You've joined your first settlement! Silver Become a citizen of a settlement
Concrete Shoes You've discovered that swimming requires training Silver Death by drowning
Cyclops Ouch! The eye! Silver Take a hit to the face?
Dead end Sometimes it's hard to survive while driving Silver Killed while on a cart.
Deep Pockets You can't possibly carry more Silver Be encumbered and try to pick up something
Dragonslayer You've killed the Red Dragon Gold Be engaged in combat with the red dragon when it dies
Epic helper You did your part in helping the gods advance on their journey on Valrei. Silver Contribute towards a mission on one of the Epic servers.
Exceptional craftsmen You can do really fine things Silver Improve an item from under 50.00ql to above 50.00ql
Founder There's nothing like home Silver Found a deed
Free Hugs You're the cuddly type Silver Use emote smile on another player
Gravedigger You put the dead to rest. Silver Bury a corpse.
Good Work You excel in improving things Silver Succeed improving to a QL above your skill
Hauler You've worked hard today. Silver Stop dragging a cart(?)
Horse Whisperer You communicate with them. Silver Use the 'wave'-emote on a horse
Improve There! That makes it better. Silver Successful improving
Just a Cold Sniffle. You've got a cold. Silver Get diseased (counter seems to go up each 30 mins)
Joyrider You had the chance to view the surroundings quite a while there. Silver Ride a cart as a passenger for a long time
Last Rope The more the merrier Silver Lead 3 animals at same time
Mountain Goat Wow, you can really climb heights Silver Go even higher up than the "Went up a Hill" achievement.
Obsessive Eater Welp, don't have any space left now. *BURP* Silver Eat to 99 % food / Wait for food to decrease from 99% to 98%?
On the path to perfection You are soon at the highest level of creation Gold Improve an item from under 90.00ql to above 90.00ql
Oops, that went wrong Hope it didn't break. Silver Failed improving
Out At Sea Hope you're not out of your depth. Silver Sailing in deep waters?
Overdosed on Acupuncture Those thorns give deadly prickles Silver Die from thorns.
Perfection Few have mastered item creation like you. There's little room for improving an item more than this.! Diamond 99.00Ql Item
Popular Joe You have many friends! Silver Add a friend
Pursuit of excellence You manage to improve yourself Silver Improve an item from under 70.00ql to above 70.00ql
Rarity You crafted something which is better than everything there ever was before Silver Improve an item past the previous maximum for an item of that type on the entire server.
Really rare You've manufactured a really rare item Silver ?
Rider of the Apocalypse You rode, and rode, and rode. Silver Travel a far distance on horse.
Settler A house is like a heart just bigger. Silver Finish a house (Complete the last wall)
Singing While Eating Who was that cook? Silver Eat high ql food
Sore Bottom Ok that horse got me pretty far, now where's my farmer's salve Silver Ride a long time.
The First You're all alone here! Silver The first person on a server
Tossed Dwarf Nobody dares to throw you around and you're hoping nobody watched you fly helplessly through the air this time Silver Get thrown
Tower Builder You finished the guard tower. Will you finally be safe now? Silver Build a guard tower
Tree Hugger You plant trees. Silver Plant a sprout.
Trucker You drove that cart really far. Silver Ride a cart as a commander for a long time
Undertaker You keep souls to rest and the world free from rotting corpses. Silver Bury 100 corpses.
Wanderer Yow how to move around Gold Travel a far distance.
Went up a Hill The view is pretty up here Silver Going to a high altitude.
Wet Feet It's cold. It's wet. I don't like it. Silver Take a swim.

Kill Counters

Achievement Description Rarity How to Unlock
All Hell You've held your ground against the Hell creatures Gold Kill all hell mobs. Hell scorpious,hell horse and Hell hound.
Bear Hunt You've killed the bear Silver Kill a bear.
Becalmer You've killed a angry creature Silver Kill an angry creature.
Bisons You've killed the bison Silver Kill a bison.
Bovine Master You slay bovine like none other Silver Kill a cow.
Crocodiles Killed You need them shoes, belts and bags Silver Kill a crocodile.
Debugger You've killed the bug. Thank you. Silver Kill a cave bug.
Deer Killed You've killed the dear deer Silver Kill a deer.
Dog Life You put dogs out of their misery Silver Kill a dog.
Fire Extinguisher You're the nemesis of Lava creatures Gold Kill 5 lava spiders or 5 lava fiends
Goblin Slayer You've killed the goblin Silver Kill a goblin.
Hello Goodbye You've killed the Hell Scorpius Silver Kill a Hell scorpious.
Hellova fight You've killed Hell Horse Silver Kill a hell horse.
Hunter Apprentice Deers are easy to hunt Silver Kill 20 deers
Kill the pig You require pork Silver kill a pig.
Kingdom Infiltration You've killed an enemy kingdom creature Silver Kill a creature belonging to an enemy kingdom
Lava Fiends Killed You've killed the lava fiend Silver Kill a lava fiend.
Lava Spiders Killed You've killed the lava spider Silver Kill a lava spider.
Meoww! Wild Cats try to put up a fight Silver Kill a wild cat.
Mercykiller You've killed a diseased creature Silver Kill a diseased animal.
Off Horse You slay horses Silver Kill a horse.
Pheasant Hunt You've killed the pheasant Silver Kill a pheasant.
Rat Race The rat race has begun! Silver Kill a rat.
Rrreoww! Mountain Lions try to put up a fight Silver Kill a mountain lion.
Scrapion Scorpions are at your mercy Silver Kill a Scorpion.
Silencer You've killed a raging creature Silver Kill a raging creature.
Slayer of Procastination You've killed a slow creature Silver Kill a slow creature.
Slayer of the Champ You've killed a champion creature Silver Kill a champion creature.
Slayer of the Fiercity You've killed a fierce creature Silver Kill a fierce creature.
Slayer of The Lurker You've killed a lurking creature Silver Kill a lurking creature.
Slayer of the Meek You've killed a scared creature Silver Kill a scared creature.
Slayer of the Sly You've killed a sly creature Silver Kill a sly creature.
Soilent Green You've killed a greenish creature Silver Kill a greenish creature.
Speedfighter You've killed an alert creature Silver Kill an alert creature.
Spiders Killed You've killed a spider Silver Kill a spider.
Tastes like Chicken You know how to get crocodile meat Silver Kill 20 crocodiles
To hell with it You've killed the Hell Hound Silver Kill a Hell hound.
Traitor And that poor guard was just doing his duty Silver Kill a Guard.
Trolls killed You've killed the fearsome Troll Silver Kill a Troll.
Willbreaker You've killed a hardened creature Silver Kill a hardened creature.
Wolves killed You're a wolf slayer Silver Kill a wolf.

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