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Alignment is a measure of how good you are to your god, 100 alignment being the maximum for Fo, Vynora and Magranon, -100 for Libila. An alignment of 0 is sufficient to be accepted as a Vynora or Magranon followers, however Fo requires an alignment of at least one or Fo will not accept the person as a follower. For priests, a high alignment value increases chances to successfully cast spells while a low alignment value lowers the chances. Alignment is also said to affect your fighting ability, but it is unknown by how much.

Alignment gain and loss

Alignment will automatically go towards 1 over time for whitelighters, and -1 for blacklighters.

When alignment goes down, for whatever reason, it will drop at a value equal to 1-(Faith/200). Thus, at 0 faith one would lose 1.0 alignment and at 100 faith one would lose 0.5 alignment. This loss is halved in local range to the White light for whitelighters.

Gaining alignment points (either positive or negative) has a cool down timer. Once you have gained an alignment tick you must wait 30 minutes before you are able to gain again. Note that alignment automatically drifting towards zero does not affect this timer.

Altering your alignment

These actions can effect your alignment:

Action Direction Amount Notes
Butchering a human corpse - 1
Burying a human corpse + 2
Listening to a confession +/- 1
Confessing to a priest +/- 5
Holding a sermon +/- 4
Listening to a sermon +/- 4
Converting someone to your religion +/- 1
Healing another player + 1
Casting Bless on players + 1 Possibly random
Sacrificing items in an altar +/- 1 Item must be least 50c get price
Praying at the White Light on Chaos + 3
Praying at the Black Light on Chaos - 3
Desecrating an altar - 2
Killing of a whitelighter - 5
Killing of a blacklighter + 5
Plant a sprout or a flower + 1 Fo only
Felling trees aged old to overaged + 1 Vynora only
Working on walls + 0.5 Vynora only
Mine + 0.5 Magranon only:
Kill a creature + 0.5 Magranon only
Kill a creature - 0.5 Libila only

Alignment changes with a positive sign (+) indicate a gain for whitelighters and a loss for blacklighters. A negative sign (-) is the opposite.