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A Almanac
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An annual calendar containing information about fruit, nuts, flowers and other harvestables.

The Almanac is used to store and view reports containing information about harvesting seasons. The higher the quality of the reports in the almanac, the more accurate it will be.


The Almanac acts as a container for reports. A summary for all reports can be viewed by selecting Read Almanac summary in the context menu.

The almanac summary.

It shows all reports with their quality, harvestable states and times including start and end of the season. Text colour indicates the default, best and currently harvestable reports. Reports can also be sorted by a drop-down menu.

The command /almanac will tell you what is in season in the event-tab as long as you have the appropriate reports. It also shows when the season will end.

Additional folders can be created to help organize the almanac pages by right-clicking the almanac and selecting Add folder in the context menu. Each folder can hold five reports. A summary for all reports in each folder can be viewed in the same manner for the general almanac. The almanac needs to be in the inventory in order to be used.



Reports are created by studying a harvestable tree, bush or trellis during its harvest season by selecting Nature > Study in the context menu. The results need to be recorded on a paper sheet or papyrus sheet with a reed pen containing black ink or any color of dye. Activate the reed pen and select Write Report. The amount of information and quality of the report are depending on forestry skill. The quality of the report will determine how far in the future you can see harvest times.


Reports can be viewed seperately for general information and harvestable times without the almanac. Neither the almanac summary nor the /almanac command will benefit from the report this way though.

A report for apple trees.


  • The summary will only show the best report if it contains similar reports.