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Taming is a skill used to make an animal a pet. You can only have one pet at a time, if you have a pet and you tame another, your first pet will be what it normaly was, aggresive or non-agressive.

Only animals can be tamed, for monsters you need to be a follower of Magranon. Blacklighters can also tame animals, they can also raise the spirit of the animal or player and creates a Zombie.

Blacklighters need 40 faith in Libila to raise a spirit


You can use tame by activating an item the animal will eat. for some animals its seeds, for others its meat/fish

Taming skill and status of animal

  • 0-10 Upset
  • 10-20 Nervous
  • 20-30 Submissive
  • 30-40 Calm
  • 40-50 Tame
  • 50-60 Loyal
  • 60-70 Trusting
  • 70-80 Loyal to death
  • 80+ still unknown

Note: Status does unknown things to tamed animals, if you have any information, please edit this

A pet can be ordered to go somewhere or to attack other animals/people. You can also lead a pet with a rope.

A pet can't be tamed by another person while it's your pet. A higher taming skill will probably make the animal stay longer as your pet.

You can decide if your pet should go offline or stay online when you log off. Right-click something and select Pet/Go (off/on)line.

You can give your pet to another (if they do not already have a pet). Right click on person, under pet option, chose give away pet.

The QL of the taming item speeds up the taming action. It is about 1 second less per 20 ql.