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Area of Effect denotes any spell or attack which has a particular effect over an area. Some creatures have attacks which can damage players within a certain area. Player priests may also cast spells which have areas of effect. Some artifacts also have area of effect functions.


Various creatures have the ability to make area of effect attacks. Some may stomp the ground and make powerful sweeps to damage all nearby players. The Red Dragon and Hell horses can breathe fire. Others can stun nearby players.


Valrei Spawns

Common Creatures



Fo has no area of effect spells which deal damage to creatures or players, however Fo's ability to heal all allies in an area using Light of Fo can be useful in PvP and while slaying unique creatures.


Vynora has area of effect spells which cause damage to creatures, the environment, and players.


Magranon's area of effect spells can cause damage to creatures, structures and players. The ability to cast Mass Stamina to replenish stamina of nearby allies is useful in PvP and while slaying unique creatures or climbing.


Libila's area of effect spells can cause damage to creatures and players, and they can spawn large numbers of zombie creatures.



Some Artifacts have powerful area of effect properties.