Astronomy and geography

Please note: Many of these maps are player-made, and may be subject to player or kingdom bias. Take them with a grain of salt. The official map dumps and in-game map are the only ones provided by Code Club.

See this article if you are seeking information on the in-game World map.

The map is not the territory ~ Alfred Korzybski

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Current Maps

Note: For information on crossing servers and the game mechanics therein, see the associated section on the ship page.

Epic Server Cluster


New Server (2015):

Old Server (2011):

Freedom Server Cluster

(Note: The cluster map shows geographic relations should plot-free sailing have the player cross server borders. Plotting course, on the other hand, alleviates the geographic relations/positioning visually seen in the cluster map.)


Old Deliverance Maps, no longer updated.


Old Exodus Maps, no longer updated.


Old Celebration Maps, no longer updated.


Old Release Maps, no longer updated.


Valrei is the setting for the Gods scenarios, relating to Epic missions.

Redundant Maps (Offline Servers)

Note: The lands these maps depict no longer exist, see above for current maps.

Server Transfer Map

Golden Valley Server

The Golden Valley was historically the tutorial/non-premium server before the tutorial was moved to Independence, but travel to these lands is no longer possible.

Mol Rehan Home Server

  • MR Home by Kinoss (September 28)

Jenn Kellon Home Server

Gold 1

  • Home server map dump, 10th world - Mapdump made by Notch of home server captured a few months before the Wurmageddon.
  • Wild server, 10th world : Mapdump made by Notch after the end of Gold-1.
  • Wild server panorama, 10th world - Made by Jbobj
  • Newtown Map, 10th world, homeserver.
  • Roadmap - 10th world, homeserver. Roadmap from Newtown to major towns. Acropolis, Seaside
  • Servermap (Gold 1) - 10th world, homeserver. Map by Loganmom. Mostly complete, but not very accurate (works well for reference however).
  • Servermap2 (Gold 1) - 10th world, homeserver. Map by various (Azami). Tile-based (very accurate), but in-complete.
  • Servermap3 (Gold 1) - 10th world, homeserver. Map by Sticky Label, based on Loganmom's map.
  • Servermap4 (Gold 1) - 10th world, homeserver. Loganmom's map with newer towns being added.

Alpha / Beta maps

  • Geographic Research 2, 9th world : Mapdump made by developer Notch shortly before the end of beta.
  • WPS: Sketches of an old (abandoned), quite unknown positioning system from the 4th world. Never finished, but used by a few players.
  • A map of one of the first worlds.

Astro research archive


  • See this article if you are seeking information on the in-game World map.
  • Scale for the topographical markings is 250 dirt/slope.
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