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Please note: Many of the following maps are player-made and may be subject to player or kingdom bias.
The official map dumps and in-game map are the only ones provided by Code Club.

See World map if you are seeking information on the in-game World map. For information on server crossing mechanics, see the Ships page.

The map is not the territory ~ Alfred Korzybski


  Southern Freedom Isles
Server Independence Deliverance Exodus Celebration Pristine Release Xanadu Chaos
Founded Jun 2009 Sep 2011 Sep 2011 May 2012 Dec 2012 Dec 2012 June 2014 May 2007
Official Maps


Community maps


Community map



  Northern Freedom Isles Epic Cluster
Server Harmony Melody Cadence Defiance Elevation Desertion Affliction Serenity
Founded Jul 2020 Jul 2020 Aug 2020 Jul 2020 July 2019 Nov 2011 Oct 2014 Nov 2011
Official Maps





Community maps






Moon Jackal Valrei
Official Maps
  • Map dumps
  • Jackal is a moon of our homeland, Wurm. Most of Jackal is still wholly unexplored. Around the spawn town of Camp Freedom there are both familiar and unfamiliar animals and trees. In the distance a land that seems to be corrupted looms.
  • In-game map
  • Valrei is the setting for the Gods scenarios relating to Epic missions.
    The current Valrei map may be seen by opening the Valrei map in game or by viewing the player-made map below.
Community Maps  

Catacombs - Offline servers and other resources no longer available

Golden Valley Server

Golden Valley was historically the tutorial/non-premium server before the tutorial was moved to Haven. Travel to these lands is no longer possible.

Gold 1

Alpha / Beta maps

Navigation maps

  • Southern Freedom Cluster (Note: The cluster map shows geographic relations should plot-free sailing have the player cross server borders. Plotting course, on the other hand, alleviates the geographic relations/positioning visually seen in the cluster map.)

Astronomical research archive


  • See this article if you are seeking information on the in-game World map.
  • Scale for the topographical markings is 250 dirt/slope.