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A Avatars
Enemy Kingdoms
No, this creature is unable to be tamed.
No, this creature is unable to be dominated.
No, this creature cannot be groomed.
No, this creature cannot be ridden.
Yes, this creature can swim.
Meat type
Meat, Grain, Vegatables and Corpse



Incarnation of the god/goddess, these avatars attack enemies whenever possible or when player decide to target them. Each avatar has a different form and some models are still outdated (Avatar of Vynora and Libila).

Upon examine, Avatar of Magnaron described as A ferocious beast indeed, the juggernaut can crush mountains with its horned forehead.


  • Cannot spawn on deeds.
  • Can climb anything.
  • Can inflict internal injuries.
  • Hits moderately hard but less than a Kyklops.
  • Does not give a title.
  • Cannot run out of stamina.
  • It can throw players far away; even onto tiles inside of structures.
  • It often uses an AoE powerful stun.
  • Heals itself moderately.
  • Slower than Kyklops on grass but has a faster speed than 12 km/h on cobblestone.
  • Not restricted to any particular area.
  • Similar in height to the Forest Giant.
  • Disappears and drops Valrei items, eye and gland upon death.
  • Spirit guards will not aid you in combat, although tower guards can be called to assist the player.
  • Initially spawned on the 29th October 2011 after Epic was released. After them being killed on Freedom Isles, they disappear on 4th November 2011 until an update before 1.1 comes out with missions for Freedom Isles.
  • They are related to some missions, usually involve giving them items.
  • There is also a chance for them to drop seryll lumps. Tested on June 4th, 2016 with the death of Aged Avatar of Paawheelr.


  • Independence - Dead, killed by Xandra's organized group.
    • Avatar of Magranon - Caught and penned by Omegaseph, Bellaamore, and Capnsavaho on 14:27 PST, 12 May 2013 Freedom:Independence and is currently being held at Northern Crater located in the northern part of the Eastern Plains.
    • Avatar of Vynora - Killed by Cerber.
    • Another Avatar of Magranon is caught and killed by Cerber, Rosedragon, Alyeska, and Xallo on 24 June 2013 when it spawned for a mission. It drop two Valrei item (golden harp and deadly feather) and an eye.
    • The first Avatar of Paawheelr was killed on June 4th, 2016 by Zachariah and Asdf when it spawned for a mission. It dropped a 1kg 77ql seryll lump.
  • Exodus - Originally penned in Shimmering Tree by Schiann, Alorn and UKRedDevil.
    • Now Dead as of 0714 GMT London 04 November 2011, died under mysterious circumstances, no player or guard killed it, nothing in fight or event log, possible GM/Developer action.
  • Deliverance - Unknown, last stated by Ruinertoo to be on the East coast near Tyger Bay. 04 November 2011.
    • Reported dead under similar circumstances to the Avatar of Vynora by KaiH at 1927 GMT London 04 November 2011
      • 2/15/12 - Avatar of Vynora first spotted by Genocide, trapped and penned by Oebade & Genocide at the North West part of Deli, near the Kyklops.
        • 2/18/12 Was later slain by a splinter group after the Kyklops slaying.
  • Fo - Jenn-Kellon Home on Epic.