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A Bedroll
Total materials
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.
  • Can be dyed using 42g of paint.

Main / Skills / Tailoring / Cloth tailoring / Bedroll


A warm wool bedroll for sleeping outside.


  • A bedroll is a portable source of sleep bonus, functioning like a bed, but only providing 75% the amount of sleep bonus over time.
  • In order to use a bedroll, it must be placed within 2 tiles of a tent owned by the same player. Unlike a bed, it does not need to be inside a building.
  • The quality of the needle affects the success chance when creating.
  • Can only be picked up or used by the player who dropped it.
  • Takes damage when slept in, similar to a bed.
  • For info on chances to create a bedroll, see the bedroll talk page.

See Also

  • Festive bedroll
    • Has the same function, but provides the same amount of sleep bonus as a bed instead of 75%. It cannot be crafted.
  • Bed
  • Canopy bed