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|image=Bronze lump.jpg
|image=Bronze lump.jpg
|active=[[tin lump]] (min 0.15 kg)
|active=[[tin lump]] (min 0.5 kg)
|passive=[[copper lump]] (0.5 kg)
|passive=[[copper lump]] (0.15 kg)

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Main / Skills / Smithing / Metallurgy / Bronze lump

Bronze lump
A Bronze lump
  • Bronze lump (0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement


A red glistening lump of bronze.


  • The copper can be combined into one lump as only the amount required is used.
  • The quality of the copper determines the maximum quality of the resulting bronze lumps.
  • Any enchantments should be cast upon the tin lump.
  • This metal has some special properties, especially when compared to iron.