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<span style="color:#ff0000">'''Note:''' Crop and item storage bins are currently bugged and may cause item loss!</span>

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Bulk storage bin
A Bulk storage bin
  1. Activate iron ribbon
  2. Right-click plank
  3. Open submenu "Create > Containers"
Additional materials
  • Bulk storage bin
Skill and improvement

Note: Crop and item storage bins are currently bugged and may cause item loss!


A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons.

According to Rolf: "They virtually stop decay of these items but as they take decay damage themselves 10% of the contents are destroyed. They decay like normal wood items such as chests. Play around with them cautiously. Once they are destroyed the items inside are gone. There is a small loss in average quality level because otherwise they can be somewhat exploited."

The loss in average quality level seems to be rounding down the decimal point. The ql of the items you get out seem to be the average of the items you put in, similar to combining items in your inventory. 10% of the items inside are destroyed every time the stockpile takes damage; there isn't a minimum amount of damage required for this to happen.

The Bulk storage bin can contain:

  • rock shards
  • cotton
  • rags
  • strings of cloth
  • squares of cloth
  • wemp
  • logs
  • planks
  • shafts
  • wood scraps
  • peat
  • nails


  • Finished bulk storage bins can not be picked up, but can be pushed, pulled, and turned like forges and ovens.
  • On failure, the plank is damaged and the ribbon is destroyed.