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A Caravel
Total materials
  • Caravel
Skill and improvement



An impressive merchant ship.

The largest ship possible to construct, this huge ship requires 36 skill to start. Has permission management.

24 Mind logic is required to command this ship.

The Caravel is a good merchant ship but can be impractical. Its size can make some areas impassable. But its size is also its advantage, as the Caravel's large hold means that it can transport a massive amount of materials - making it a useful ship for the sale and delivery of bulk supplies - although it is very difficult to construct and can be expensive to buy.

Note that you do not have to have 35 strength to avoid beaching the boat - so long as it is not moored then you can still push and pull the boat off of a reef.

Vessel details

  • Passengers: 1 Captain + 13 crew
  • Maximum speed: 30.88km/h (solo)
  • Maximum speed: 34.13km/h (full crew)
  • Hold Capacity: >86 000 kg (100 rafts full of stone shards)
  • Creature Cage Capacity: 8
  • Size: 5 tiles by 3 tiles (?)
  • Height: 35 dirt from water level to deck(?)
  • Weight: 2450kg (35 strength minimum to drag)

Total Components


  • Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded.
    • This includes ships whose damage percentage would calculate to bring the quality below 10 (eg. a 12 quality ship with 17 damage calculates to a ship below 10 quality).
    • Repairing a ship can sometimes result in the ship retaining a quality above 10, thus being commandable once again.
  • The most difficult ships to build. Higher quality of parts being attached improves chance of success.
  • Caravel can be started at 34 with a 35ql keel or better, 6% chance.

Loadable Items

List is a work in progress.

Non-loadable items

See Load cargo for exhaustive list of loadable/non-loadable items by smallest vehicle type.

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Boat speeds are relative and depend greatly on weather conditions.

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