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Skills indicate how good you are doing certain actions. The higher your skill, the more successful you are in performing that action. Depending on skills, they also affect the time to complete an action. Skill levels cap at 100 (99,999999)

Skill gain

Improving actions will usually give more skill than creating actions.

You may gain skill even failing an action; though, it can vary per skill.

Action time affects skill gain for most actions: The longer the action, the more skill you gain for that action. For example, a 20-second mining action will generally give the same amount of skill and characteristics as two 10-second mining actions. Lower stamina will increase the timer length.

If you gain skill with stamina at or near 0%, there is a massive penalty to the amount of skill gained for that action.

Nutrition also affects skill gain. When nutrition is higher than 50%, you get a bonus of 1% increased skill gain per 10% nutrition. For example, 65% nutrition would result in 1.5% extra skill gain, and 99% nutrition would result in 4.9% extra skill gain.

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