Clay smelting pot

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Main / Skills / Pottery / Clay smelting pot

Clay Smelting Pot
A Clay Smelting Pot
  1. Activate hand
  2. Right-click clay (0.50 kg)
  3. Open submenu "Create > Pottery"
  • Clay smelting pot (0.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


An unfinished smelting pot that could be hardened by fire. It could be improved with a clay.



  • Once hardened into a pottery smelting pot, it can no longer be improved.
  • The smelting pot is used to smelt metal. You can get rid of spare tools that you've created to grind skill by smelting it back down into lumps. Lumps are capped at 50 quality. You must use the smelting pot as you would a tool, by activating it and right clicking on the tool you wish to smelt. The item you want to smelt must be glowing from the heat. Keep in mind that if your tool is not large enough to smelt into a lump, the smelted tool will simply vanish.
  • The smelting pot cannot smelt every metal item, for instance it cannot smelt locks or keys. And it can't smelt "Newbie" items (the ones you get at game start and won't lose, can't upgrade).

Reasons For Not Smelting

  1. If no smelt option appears, it needs to become hotter.
  2. If it says something in your events about that it resists smelting, then the item has an enchant.
  3. If the item is low weight, smelting it yields no lump.
  4. All metals can smelt (tested on a longsword of each type)
  5. No all items can be smelted though (you will get nothing back)

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