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|materials=* 2,000x [[clay]] (2kg each)
|materials=* 2,000x [[clay]] (2kg each)
* 2,000x [[colossus brick]]s
* 2,000x [[colossus brick]]s
* 10 [[Copper Sheet]]s
* 10 [[copper sheet]]s
|result=* '''{{PAGENAME}}'''
|result=* '''{{PAGENAME}}'''

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Main / Skills / Masonry / Colossus

A Colossus
Total materials
  • Colossus
Skill and improvement


A statue of gigantic proportions, resembling someone really noteworthy.

A colossus is a HUGE statue twice the height of a guard tower, 3 tiles long and wide, and weighing 34,000 kg.


  • A colossus can be dyed using 65.000 kg of dye.
  • A colossus is considerably harder to create than guard tower.
  • Can't be built on top/inside/on a floor of a house, can`t attach parts to it inside a house. You cannot create that inside a building.
  • Can be rotated by the owner.
  • Can be pushed/pulled by the owner.
  • Can be destroyed by the owner/major.
  • Colossus placement is on tile you're on. Colossus will face toward you. Dropping unfinished will give you idea where it'll face. e.g. Facing north, upon completion colossus will face south.
  • Max sight distance on flat ground is 60 tiles.

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