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Main / Bestiary / Crocodile


It is as tall as a spider, if not lower.

  • Tamable with meat, but very difficult to tame and to keep tame. To tame one, you should have about 40-50 taming skill
  • Slightly stronger than a huge spider.
  • Can swim.
  • Fast mover. (Faster in water)
  • Hits very hard hits, although in balance it hits very slowly.
  • Bites for 10 damage.
  • 30+ fightskill recommended if fighting one solo.
  • Butchering items: crocodile hide, meat, paw.
  • Aggressive.
  • Very tough armour vs cutting and piercing.
  • Spawns on sand tiles, primarily in deserts.


A low creeping Crocodile, waiting to eat its next unsuspecting player...