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Main / Skills / Carpentry / Fine carpentry / Cupboard

A Cupboard
Total materials
  • Cupboard (6.50kg)
Skill and improvement


A wooden cupboard, used to store all kinds of small items.



  • It is about waist high, 2 meters long and 0.5 meter deep. You could put 12-16 on a tile and they wouldn't overlap. Although, they can overlap if needed.
  • Rename text is displayed on mouseover and you can use up to 20 characters for the name.
  • Skill Requirement: Fine Carpentry (Fine Carpentry skill of 65 gives a 33% chance to make.)
  • It can be picked up by hand or loaded in a wagon.
  • It can only be placed inside another container with Load. Trying to drag it from your inventory into, say a wagon, won't work. If you load it into that same wagon it will work.
  • Locking the Cupboard isn't possible.
  • The Cupboard is a container.