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You are dead.

You die when your health reaches 0%, or in other words when the sum of all your wounds reaches 100. It is not possible to die (or get hurt) from hunger or thirst, but they do decrease your survivability.

When you die, you leave all your items and equipment on your corpse, except for those that are no-drop. This includes the beginners tools you get when you first start, deeds, writs, contracts, any items you may have in a bag of keeping (BoK) or master bag of keeping (MBoK) and more.

Your corpse

Normally, your corpse can only be looted by yourself, your friends, fellow citizens, or allies, or (on Epic) people of an enemy kingdom. You can use the chat command /release corpse (with a space) to allow anyone from your kingdom to loot your corpse. If the corpse does not seem lootable after using the command, typing it a second time seems to actually release it.

Generally, your corpse will last around a real-life week. After that, it will decay and the items that were on it will be a pile of items on the ground where you died, and no longer protected. If your corpse is on a deed tile that does not allow picking up of items, it is possible that others may not be able to loot your corpse, even if you do release it. However, you always have the right to loot your own corpse.

Death penalty

You are halted on the way to the netherworld by a dark spirit, demanding knowledge. The spirit touches you and you feel drained.

The main death penalty is skill loss, covered below. In addition you also lose 15% food and water.

When you die fighting a guard or creature (also known as PvE death) you will lose 0.25 points from 5 random skills, 0.25 fighting skill, 0.01 body, and 0.01 body strength. The body strength only updates every second death unless you log out. If you die inside your homestead or village, the penalty is only 0.025 points instead.

If you die with a bad reputation (lower than 0), you will lose more skill (amount unknown). In a 2 year old village, the skill loss is 0.6 from 5 random skills.

When you die fighting another player (also known as PvP death) you will lose 0.25 points from the main fighting skill only. However getting killed by Son of Nogumps seem to yield this effect as well.

Suicide counts as a PvE death, but you do not get the penalty reduction for being at home.

For all skills, except Fighting, you will get 3x the normal skill tick values until you reach the original, highest skill value again.

Bug : Although you will see a 3x next to the Fighting skill when you re-spawn, this has no effect, and a re-log will remove that indicator.


You are cast back into the light.

While dead, you will be on a red and black screen with a little box in the middle, you will have to choose where you want to respawn. If you are dead and you cannot see the little box, type /respawn in your chat window.

While you have no deed, you will only be able to spawn at your Kingdom start town, or the Capital if you are a member of a Player made kingdom.

When you are the owner or citizen of a settlement, you will be able to spawn on or outside that settlement. If that settlement has any allies you will be able to spawn there also if you die within 50 tiles of their center. If the server you died on has a white light and black light, you are also able to spawn at the light belonging to your kingdom.